Arbeitsblatt: Class Sound Wave


Ein lustiges Spiel in englischer Sprache Die Schüler führen aus, was auf ihrem Kärtchen steht.
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Warming up-Activiy THE CLASS SOUND WAVE Give the first pupil card. He must immitate the sound given on the card. Then he has to give to the next one. So everybody has to make the same sound -one after the other. The teacher gives the next card to the first pupil when he has finished. So there will be an enormous sound wave in your class room. The teacher decides when he wants to stop. He hands out the stop-card and the wave will be silent. Clap your hand. Whistle! Cry! Snap your finger. Stomp your feet! Make the sound of hooting car. Shout: Help!!! Shout: Oooh! Make the sound of cat! Clap your hand. Snap your finger. Shout: Help!!! Make the sound of humming bee. Make the sound of dog. Make the sound of cow. Make the sound of pig. Make the sound of donkey. Laugh! Giggle! Sing the first line of: Happy birthday to you. Kiss in the air! Clap your hand. Snap your finger. Say: Say: love you! PSSSSST! Say: Oh no! Sneeze! Shout: Help!!! Say: Ouch! Say: Yes, we can! Sing: am sailing Say: Wow! Cough! Clap your hand. Snap your finger. Shout: Help!!! Make the sound of frog. Say: Woops! Shout: Catch the thief! Make the sound of train! Click your tongue! Stop!