Arbeitsblatt: Grammar Revision Unit 1-21


Possessives; present simple; adjectives; object pronouns; too/either; must/mustn't/have to; present continous/present simple; Adjectives; Questions
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Übungsblatt zu English Revision Test 1- 21 1. Possessives a. This is (I) car. b. That is (they) house. c. Here are (you) books. d. Is that (Johns) shoe? e. Those are (Claires) chairs. f. We love children. 2. Present simple a. Mr Johnson work in bank? Yes, he does. b. he start work at 9? No,. Write first the positive and then the negative form of the verb. c. Mrs Smith (work) in bank.. d. You (be) at school today. . e. (be) very good at maths. . f. Benjamin (be) very tall.. Übersetze: g. Kannst du mir das Buch geben? . h. Möchten sie gerne eine Tasse Tee? . [Geben Sie Text ein] i. Ich möchte gerne in Italien leben. . 3. Adjectives Adverbs a. Shes good tennis player. She plays tennis. b. Hes bad singer. He sings. c. Shes typist. She types. (slow) d. Hes worker. He works. (quick) e. She speaks. Shes speaker. (clear) f. Hes driver. He drives . (careless) g. She writes . Shes writer. (carefully) 4. Object Pronouns a. The teacher always gives the students homework. b. am reading the book to my little sister. c. The boys are riding their bikes. d. My father is writing letter to John. e. dont know the answer. f. Sally is going to Anne. g. Open the window, please. h. Can you tell the people the way to the airport, please? i. The books are for Peter. Übungsblatt zu English Revision Test 1- 21 j. Can you help my sister and me, please? 5. Too either a. like poodles. She likes poodles,. b. He doesnt work here. You dont work here,. c. He lives in Jacksville. They live in Jacksville,. d. We havent got car. They havent got car,. 6. Must, mustnt, have to a. come at 6 oclock, b. You drive over 30 here. c. She work today, its Sunday. d. They make fire in the tent. e. We walk, theres bus. 7. Present continuous present simple a. Julie (play) tennis every Friday. b. Fred (work) on the garden now. c. You (learn) German at the moment. d. (read) this English book right now. e. Sara and Mike (live) in Australia. [Geben Sie Text ein] f. Bert (talk) to China once week. Questions: Schreibe die Aufgaben a-f in die Frageform. a.. b.. c.. d.. e.. f.. 8. Adjectives Steiegere das Adjektiv! a. good b. bad c. tall d. nice e. big f. happy g. heavy h. modern 9. Questions a. are you from? Übungsblatt zu English Revision Test 1- 21 b. you go out often? c. is your favourite subject? d. are you so sad? e. kids do Mr and Mrs Miller have? f. money does Joe Jones have?