Arbeitsblatt: the legend of saint valentine


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Before reading, look up the following words! emperor law marry victorious couple prison warden memory When Valentine was Bishop of Rome, there were many wars. But after years of war the young men did not want to fight anymore. Because of this, the Roman Emperor passed law. The law said nobody could marry, until the Roman army came home victorious. The priest Valentine did not follow this law and he continued to marry young couples. When the Emperor found out, he put the priest in prison. There Valentine became friends with little girl, the daughter of the prison warden. Her visits made Valentine very happy. On the evening before his execution Valentine sent thankyouletter to the girl and signed it „your Valentine. Therefore todays Valentines cards are still signed with the greeting „your Valentine. In his memory he was made the patron saint of lovers and friends. 1. Where did Valentine live? 2. Why did the Roman Emperor passed new law? 3. What was forbidden according to the new law? 4. Why dont people today sign their Valentine cards with their own name?