Arbeitsblatt: Test New inspiration 2: 2.1 und 2.2


Teilprüfung zur Unit 2
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7. Schuljahr
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Englisch Name: Unit 2: 2.1 2.1 Datum: Anzahl Punkte: Note: 1. Where do you have to go? (8) 1.1 If you want to book trip to London, you should go to 1.2 You caught cold and you need some medicine. Go to to get it. 1.3 need new hair colour. should make an appointment at 1.4 To change francs into euros have to go to 1.5 Ive written Christmas card for friend in the United States. should buy stamp at the 1.6 Lets go to the to buy local newspaper! 1.7 thief has stolen my purse. So must go to the to report it. 1.8 need present for my brother. go to the next to the bank. There could get book for him. 2. Complete the chart adjective (5) translation opposite (in English) translation safe cheap quiet cold dry 3. Compare the following things Example: A/B (large) is larger than B. is the largest. (8) 3.1 Rome Lucerne (warm) ni2_2.2 2.2 Mexico City 3.2 The FCL the FC Zurich (good) The FC Basel 3.3 Edinburgh Dublin (expensiv) London . 3.4 Tom Leyla (hungry) Steve 4. What should/shoudnt you do? (8) 4.1 Im really tired. should shouldnt ni2_2.2 2.2 4.2 Your teacher is angry with you. . . 4.3 Emma is so cold. . . 4.4 Ramon got lost in London. . . ni2_2.2 2.2