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Apres les vacences
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Lars Jefferson
Land: Schweiz
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Les vacances de Noel 2010/2011 John Miller Mon nom: nom: Richard Bing: nom: nom: Amélie Lejeune: nom: nom: Jai celebré . QuestceIm quefrom tu as San fait àDiego, California, U.S.A Noel? started to play basketball when was six Quel sport astu pratiqué Jai fait du old, because wanted to be like the . pendantyears les vacances dhiver?famous player Michael Jordan. He is my Im swimmer and Im very good at it! Im from Paris in France. Im very good come from Manchester in England and cyclist, hope to win the gold medal here in started swimming when was five years old. Rio de Janeiro! My cyclist club is Racing My mother is my idol, she was very good Paris, started this sport in 1996, when my idol, hes the best player have ever seen! Jai fait environ Combien dheures as tu Like him play for the Chicago Bulls. pratique ce sport Sometimes play football and tennis, too, swimmer, too! Im swimming for idol Jeannie Longo won the Olympic gold Manchester Mermaids, thats my medal. do 40 hours of cycling and ten swimming club. also do riding and table hours of volleyball in week! But love but Im here in Rio for basketball; it is my Jai passé mes. Où as tu passé tes favourite sport! play basketball 25 hours in vacances?? the week and want to train even more: tennis, but swimming is the best sport! love cycling more than volleyball because it is so it so much, do 50 hours of swimming in the fast and feel very strong! want to be the best player in the world, just Jai passé. Avec qui astu passé du like Michael Jordan! temps dans les jours précédents?? Quel était le plus beau moment aux vacances?? Le moment le plus beau Quelle était le pire moment aux vacances? Le pire moment était Est ce que quelquun tas manqué? Oui, cétait. qui ma manqué week. Thats seven hours day! Wendy Takanuka: David Cox: Paul Green: My Olympic sport is short distance running: Im from Johannesburg in South Africa. My My Olympic Sport is surfing. It is very 100, 200 and 400 metres! Im also very Olympic sport is boxing. come from very popular sport in Australia, all the kids here good at long jump, but running is better! Im poor family and Mike Tyson has always learn it when they are very young. was from Christchurch in New Zealand, my been my idol: He comes from poor three years old when my father put me on sports club is the Christchurch Runners. family, too! At home box for the the surfboard for the first time at Bondi Im still young, only 17 years old; these are Johannesburg Boxing Club, started to Beach in my hometown Sydney. My idol is my first Olympic games! started this sport box when was ten years old. also do Mark Richards, hes also from Australia, he when was already twelve years old, but rugby, but boxing is better! practice was world champion four times! My other everybody says Im great talent! 38 hours boxing 45 hours in week and hope will sport is snowboarding, it is very similar to in the week, thats my training time. love win the gold medal! surfing! do 35 hours of surfing in week. the feeling when Im running fast on the running track! Carl Lewis is my idol, he won Surfing just makes me happy! the Olympic games in 1984 and 1988!