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Test units 1-28 mistakes.mark . name . signature 1. Theres mistake in each sentence. Find it and correct it. a) My brother go to university. b) English is language difficult. c) arrive at Heathrow airport at ten oclock last night. d) She could (past of can) to speak three languages when she was ten. e) Where did you went last night? f) saw the wife of Jeremy at the shops. g) dont can go out because have lot of work to do. h) In the kitchen is table. i) My children like theyre school very much. j) buyed new video. k) Italian people is very friendly. l) like cities because can to go to the theatre. m) How many children do you got? n) How many money has he got? o) Who is that new car? p) Im go home now because it late. q) Were going have test next week. r) Im wear old clothes because Im going to clean the car. s) My sister is more old than me. 2. Put the verbs into the past tense a) Our teacher (bring) a video to school yesterday. b) My friends (come) to my flat yesterday evening. c) Claire (buy) packet of fondue in St. Moritz. d) Claire and her friends (drink) some wine. e) They all (eat) fondue for the first time in St. Moritz. f) Claire (forget) to take her alarm clock to St. Moritz. g) Claire (get) up at 7 oclock every day. h) The ski instructor (give) very good lessons. i) Claire (have) skiing lesson every day. j) Claire (make) some new friends in Switzerland. k) Claire (meet) some Americans. l) Claire (see) high mountains for the first time in St. Moritz. m) Claire (speak) French to her ski instructor. n) Claire (take) 7 pairs of warm socks to St. Moritz. o) Claire (tell) her parents about her holiday. p) Claire (think) Switzerland (be) wonderful. 3. Put the words into the correct columns. There are five words for each column. cheese map actor notebook easy magazine orange favourite expensive 4. chicken night club things to read professions toast beach singer arrive journalist cook things to eat campsite dictionary leave office newspaper places Fill in the gaps with these words by (1x) for (1x) of (2x) in (5x) to (1x) any (3x) verbs at (1x) some (1x) a) Did Charles Dickens have . children? b) She hired pair . skis c) Do you want . sandwich? d) He invented the electric light . 1876. e) He walked . the office. f) He was born . Spain. g) visited them . Saturday. h) Im going to visit my friends who live . Bristol. i) Is there . water in the fridge j) Jane lives in . old house in France. k) She forgot to phone him . his birthday. l) Claire wasnt very good . skiing. m) She stayed in the youth hostel . ten days. n) Do you have . books by Dickens?. o) Penzance is . the southwest . England. p) He tried . pair of black shoes . the shoe shop. q) Theyre going to travel . train. r) You have . lovely pictures on the wall. egg village friendly funny want bring painter listen adjectives on (3x) an (1x) (1x) 5. Present simple or present continuous Put the verbs in the brackets in the present simple or the present continuous. a) Pierre (smoke) .twenty cigarettes day, but he (not smoke) now because he in class. b) Alice and Peter (look) .for new house. They (not like) living in London. c) always (wear) nice clothes for work. Today, (wear) a blue jacket and skirt. d) Jane (work) in bank, but today she at home. She (write) letters. 6. Questions and tenses Ask questions about the statements. a) Anna tired. Why : b) dont go to work by car. How you c) This isnt my pen. Whose d) met famous actress. Who .you ? e) We saw Bill yesterday. Where you f) Sue watching television. What . g) Theyre going on holiday. Where . h) Peter left the party early. Why i) 7. She drank lot of wine. How much .? Put in the first word of these questions. a) . Claire Swiss? b) . it Sunday yesterday? c) . there any Americans on your class? d) Claire enjoy her skiing holiday last February? e) you ski very well? f) Claire live in Switzerland? g) you go skiing every winter? h) you like to learn Chinese? i) your best friend got mountain bike? j) you going to watch TV this evening? k) you got computer at home? l) there TV in your classroom? m) you at school yesterday afternoon? 8. Choose the right words in italics (kursiv) and write them on the lines Donna usually (1) is teaching teaches English in language school, but she (2) isnt teaching doesnt teach today because she and her husband, Colin, (3) are going go to Brighton. They (4) are looking look for new flat, and Brighton is the (5) good best place for them because its near Gatwick airport (thats where Colin (6) is working works). Donna likes Brighton because it isnt as (7) expensive than expensive as London, and its (8) quieter as quieter than London, too. Colin thinks that London is (9) more exciting most exciting than Brighton, but hes happy because flats are (10) more cheap cheaper there. 9. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. 8 9 10 Schreibe die fett gedruckten Sätze in drei weiteren Zeitformen. Die Wörter am Satzende geben dir die richtige Zeitform an. Does Muriel usually watch TV in the evenings? 1 now? 2 last Saturday? 3 tomorrow evening? GOOD LUCK!