Arbeitsblatt: The last of the mohicans


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Tanja Berger
Land: Österreich
Registriert vor 2006

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The Last of the Mohicans Chapter 4 Finish these sentences: 1. Suddenly, Hurons started 2. The girls followed . 3. Then they saw . . 4. But the Hurons fought 5. The four Hurons Chapter 5 True or false 1. Alice had an idea. 2. Chingachgook jumped into the river and started to swim. 3. Uncas wanted to stay, but then followed his father and his friend. 4. Heyward also left the girls. Chapter 6 Complete these sentences: 1. Then suddenly, they . 2. An Indian shouted, „ . 3. Heyward looked up 4. The Indians ran quickly into 5. Then they looked with Chapter 7 True or false 1. The Indians took them into the woods. 2. Magua wanted to speak to Cora. 3. Magua got alcohol from the white people. 4. Magua worked for Coras father. 5. Munro hit Magua in front of other men. 6. Magua asked Cora to marry him.