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Young World 3: Unit 5 Name: 1. Look at the example. Match the words with the pictures. 6 Easter wedding Christmas Easter New Year in China Thanksgiving National Day in Switzerland 2. Read the text carefully. Answer the questions. 8 In India people love Holi. On the evening before Holi, people make big bonfires and they sing and dance around the fires. Sarali is an Indian girl and on Holi she throws coloured powder in the air. All the children join in and they have lot of fun. The festival lasts for 3 days. Do people in India love Holi? Yes, they do. Do people play ball around the bonfire? No, they dont. Does Sarali live in Germany? No, she doesnt. Does the festival last for two days? No, it doesnt. Do you want to join this festival? Yes, do, (No, dont) 3. Read the texts. Write the words in the venn diagram. 7 National Day in Switzerland National Day in the United States In Switzerland people celebrate their National Day on the 1st August. They hang the Swiss flag out of their windows. People eat grilled sausages with mustard and bread. They put small Swiss flags on their bread, too. There are fireworks in the evening. On the 4th July people from the United States celebrate their National Day. Children paint their faces with red, white and blue. These are the colours of the American flag. People eat grilled hamburgers with ketchup and bread. In the evening there are lot of fireworks. 4th July celebrate National Day sausages with mustard children paint their faces 1st August flags out of the windows hamburgers with ketchup National Day in Switzerland both National Day in the United States 4th July 1st August sausages with mustard flags out of the windows fireworks celebrate paint National Day fireworks children their faces hamburgers with ketchup 4. Write the questions to the answers. 8 How old are you? Im 12 years old. Do you have brother? No, dont have brother, but have two sisters. What is your favourite religious festival? My favourite religious festival is Christmas. How do you celebrate Christmas? We celebrate it with Christmas Tree. Where is the Christmas Tree? The Christmas Tree is in the living room. know about different festivals in different countries. can compare festivals in venn diagram. can interview someone. can ask questions with what, who, where, why and how. can answer yes/no questions. Beurteilungsskala: 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 29/28 27/26 25/24 23/22 21/20/19 18/17/16 3 2.5 2 15/14/13 12/11/10 9/8/7 Total: 29 points Mark: