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Test Unit 1 von YW 4
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UNIT 1: THE WAY WE LIVE 1. Date: Nam e: Fill in how many or how much and answer the questions. /12 eggs do you eat in week? ketchup would you like with your chips? pupils are there in your class? sugar do you like in your tea? money do you get every month (Taschengeld)? cows do you have at home? 2. Listen to the text about the Melander family from Germany. Tick the sentences: right , wrong x /8 Jörg and Susanne Melander have two daughters. Susanne Melander prefers fresh food from the outdoor markets . The Melander family loves frozen food and sweets. The outdoor markets sell vegetables, fruit, meat and pasta. Susanne Melander likes to know, where the food comes from. The Melander family lives in the south of Germany. Finn is ten years old and his favourite food is fried noodles with eggs. Kjell loves pizza and vanilla pudding. 3. Write down three things that you can do to save energy and CO /3 4. Read the text about three friends who want to cook lasagna and write the shopping list for their lasagna. 4,5 Rahel: Hey Boys, are we now going to cook that lasagna? Im hungry! Dani: Yes, lets start with it right now, we need pasta. Franz: How much pasta do we need? Rahel, you know that for sure. Rahel: Of course, as always, do: We need exactly 300 pasta to make our lasagna. Franz: We also need some meat, dont we? Dani: Yes, we need meat, 400g of that, but make sure its beef meat. Franz: Oh, and some tomato sauce. How many tomatoes and onions do we need for that? Rahel: We dont need as many onions as we need tomatoes. Four and one. Dani: wont chop the onion! hate crying!! Franz: Okay, will chop the onion, but you chop the tomatoes. Dani: Yes, will do that. Rahel: bought glass of sauce Béchamel, we put that at the top of the lasagna. Dani: Yes, and then we have to put some cheese in it. Franz: Exactly, 70 grams will do. Shopping list: 5. Words Unit 1: Fill in the correct word from the square. /3 dont want to the onions for the sauce. Would you like to the dinner? We can lot of energy by taking the bike instead of the car. Its dark and cold in our . plastic box goes into the. The family from Ecuador is very. holiday poor prepare heat cellar chop save daily rubbish transport toy Von insgesamt 30,5 Punkten habe ich ca. . Punkte erreicht. /30,5