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Test Unit 2 YW 4
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UNIT 2: MIGRATION 1. date: name: Use as as or not as as and complete the sentences. /5 Healthy: grapefruit – an orange grapefruit is as healthy as an orange._ a) small: an elephant – mouse b) slow: tiger – snail c) hot: coffee – tea d) dangerous: turtles – lions e) big: sheep – goat 2. Read the text about the barn swallow and fill in the fact box. /5 The barn swallow is small bird that can grow up to 19 cm and weighs only 16 – 25 grams. It spends most of its life in the air, flying. It also catches insects while flying with its beak open. Even though it is quite small, this bird can fly quite fast, it flies about 40 km per hour. The barn swallow spends the winter month in Africa, where it is warm. But at the beginning of spring, the swallow flies north to Europe. Some birds fly as far as 9000 kilometres back to Europe in order to breed. The swallow builds its nest in barns and cowshed. There it lays 4 – 6 eggs. Weight: Size: Food: Breeding: Speed: Migration: Distance: 3. Listen to the CD and put the information about Robin and his grandfather in the correct order. /5 Robin and his grandfather get up very early. At about 4 pm, they eat snack. Then they clean the stables. Robin plays alone or with two boys from the alp nearby. They word outdoors. After that, they go back to work. They clean up the cabin. They take an early lunch at 11 am. From the mild, they make butter. They milk the animals for second time. 4. Put the adjectives at the bottom in the correct box and add the comparative and the superlative form. /4 • old, older, oldest • • • hot, hotter, hottest • • • funny, funnier, funniest • • • important, more important, most important • • easy mean wet fresh special fit salty arrogant 5. Compare the animals. snail – horse (slow) snail is slower than horse._ /3 a) bird – butterfly (big) b) tiger turtle (fast) c) mouse – elephant (small) 6. Name two reasons why animals migrate. Use so and in order to. /4 Some animals migrate in order to give birth. 7. Complete the sentences with have to and has to. Miranda drink her milk. /5 You brush your teeth. wash the dishes. They bake birthday cake for their grandmother. He walk the dog. 8. What do you have to do? Make three sentences with have to. /6 Von insgesamt 37 Punkten habe ich ca. Punkte erreicht. /37