Arbeitsblatt: Have you ever (making questions - present perfect)


Present perfect worksheet --> making "have you ever"-questions
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Petra Fritschi
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You work alone. You work quietly. You have 15-20 minutes time. Use the dictionary when you need it. Follow the instructions. 1. There are little papers stuck on to the blackboard. Make 8 „Have you ever?-questions out of them. Use the present perfect. Examples: Regular verb: want to dance in the street Have you ever wanted to dance in the street? Irregular verb: Look at the list eat horse meat Have you ever eaten horsemeat? A. B. C. D. E. F. 2. Answer the questions from above in correct sentences. Yes, have No, havent No, have never A. B. C. D. E. F. 3. Find 6 to 7 „question words and describe what they ask for. what? thing 4. Read the following sentences and write corresponding „question word above it. what A) My brother has lost his new CD. B) The cat has broken two legs. C) My neighbours have had an accident last night. D) Felix has found 100 dollars on the floor. E) have listened to rock music for two hours now. F) Sarah has always wanted to climb on mountain. G) My mother has not cleaned my room because it is very chaotic. 5. Ask for the underlined part in the sentences above. A. What has my brother lost? B. C. D. E. F. G. lose money break bone have fight eat something strange do something illegal dream about star meet someone famous tell lie to the parents go to another country want to dance in the street steal something win prize fall in lake/pool shoot gun build snowman fall asleep on train/bus receive give you hated get horrible haircut call the ambulance play trick on someone burn school book eat grass be robbed laugh, but no one else did say yes, but didnt listen to the question go to the gym sleep in strange place