Arbeitsblatt: Prüfung U1 English Plus_3


Unit 1 Prüfung für das Lehrmittel English Plus
9. Schuljahr
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Dunia Sanchez da Silva
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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English Unit 1: Past simple Past continious Vocabulary Unit 1 Name: Klasse: Unterschrift der Eltern: Note: (_/44P.) Good lu k! Activity 1: Complete the text with the affirmative form of there was there were. Ex. There were many teachers in our school. 1. tree in our garden. 2. girl called Tabatah in my class. 3. cows in the field. 4. some very big ships in the harbor (Hafen) today. 5. fish for dinner. 6. girl in my class who can walk on her hands. 7. nothing to do when it rains. 8. good film in the cinema. (/7P.) Activity 2: Put the following present tenses into past simple. Ex. watch TV: watched TV. a) He works in bank. b) dont live in London. c) You travel to New York. d) He paints wonderful picture. e) change my money. f) He doesnt moves in other apartment. g) They never listen to music. h) Do we cook dinner for you? (_/8P.) Activity 3: Present know say tell take be can come Write the past simple form of the irregular verbs below. Past simple (/8P.) Activity 4: Write past continuous affirmative and negative sentences and questions. Ex. You read a book (X) You werent reading book. 1. You watch a film (X) 2. We cook dinner () 3. They drink a beer (?) 4. He write a letter () 5. / read the newspaper (X) 6. She meet a friend (?) (/6P.) Activity 5: Complete the sentences with the words from the vocabulary of Unit 1. a) Was the show on with adverts? b) It was amazing. There were 20000 people in the c) The screen was tiny, so we couldnt read thes name. didnt know who was speaking. d) Its better to watch that series on DVD. There are two extra . e) didnt enjoy this weeks It was really boring. f) Which actor played the main in that new drama series? (/3P.) Activity 6: police officer is interviewing Jack Stone about his friend Tony Adams, who disappeared last night. Read Jacks statement about what he did last night. Then write the police officers questions and Jacks answers. Use the past continuous form. Tony Adams: left home at 6.45 p.m. and walked to the café. arrived at 07.15 p.m. My friend, Tony Adams, brought his coffee over from another table and we had drink together. Then my other friends arrived and they went to order their drinks. When left the café at 10:30 p.m., Tony started speaking to the waitress. arrived home at 11 p.m. Ex. When leave you home Police: When did you leave home? Tony Adams: left home at 06.45 p.m. 1. What you do at 7 p.m. Police:? Tony Adams: 2. Why you and Tony sit together Police: Tony Adams: 3. What your other friends do Police: Tony Adams: 4. What you do at 10.30 p.m. Police: Tony Adams: (/12 P.)