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Sandra Fräfel
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  Open  World:  Words  Unit  3   max.  Punkte   40   Name:   erreichte  Punkte       Datum:                         Durchschnitt     Unterschrift:   Note       Dictation: Fill in suitable word: would love to go to rock concert soon. The hotel will picnic lunch for us every day. change in temperature that the experiment has worked. Our plans on the weather. Children must learn to be careful with things. My sister loves and wnts to be famous. My mother plays tennis . There are lots of in English grammar. Dogs through sounds and body language. Ants have on their heads. (20 points) (5 points) Translate into English or German: (15 points) Geh weg! Ich probiere mich zu konzentrieren. Kannst du die zwei Leute im Hintergrund sehen? Wenn die Sonne so hell scheint brauche ich wirklich meine Sonnenbrille. am confident that will pass the test. Ich habe keine Feinde, nur Freunde. Ich weiss es nicht sicher, ich muss raten. My grandmother is 72 and is learning new language. The man lowered the cranes hook to pick up the heavy stone. Mark your choice of workshop on the list, please. Was bedeutet verzweifelt? Ich habe letztes Jahr viele Fortschritte in Mathe gemacht. Warum zeichnest du deinen Vortrag nicht auf, damit du ihn später hören kannst. Can you explain the offside rule to me? Did you manage to solve the problem? Habe ich es erwähnt, dass ich eine im Test hatte? ART DECO On the outside Art Deco is decorative style that came to world atten- \Il tion in 1925. People thought it was modern and elegant and also used it for furniture and fashion. In architecture you can recognise Art Deco because it uses lot of geometric patterns and shapes, symbols of The Chrysler Building The Chrysler Building is easy to recognise on the skyline of Manhattan. Look at the picture of the Chrysler Building on this page. Describe what you see. Read about the design elements of the building. The design elements remind many people of an old-fashioned car. The skyscraper was completed for Walter P. Chrysler. He was the founder of the Chrysler Corporation, an American car manufacturer. Walter Chrysler wanted new main building for his company, and he wanted it to be special. The architect gave the building metal-covered spire, added line of hubcaps on the 30* floor and huge Chrysler Eagle radiator caps. He also added other elements of automobile design into his decoration. power and speed, leaping deer, dancing women and, maybe most important of all, the rising sun. The race is on The Chrysler Building was built between 1928 and 1930 and is typical example of the Art Deco style. It was the world tallest building at the time, but not for long. Listen to what happened. Then go to your Workbook, page 14, Exercise 3. )nit 2