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Test Unit 2– Technical English Vocabulary Complete the sentences with the words form the box: qualification lab career subject semester overseas research 1. We do experiments in the 2. havent chosen yet. 3. Physics was my favourite at school. 4. With this you can go to university. 5. She studied in Europe but works 6. want to work in and development 7. We studied Maths in the first 7 Complete each sentence using one of the words in brackets. 1 Pete is the chief (electrics electrician electrical) in the factory. 2 Bills job is to (maintain inspect operate repair) the sub-sea oil pipe. He does this by filming the pipe with an underwater video camera. 3 cant meet you at three oclock because Im (working training visiting attending) project meeting then. 4 John is junior technician in the IT department. He (supervises reports to manages reports from) the senior technician. 5 You can (activate locate detect appreciate) this generator by pulling this cable. It starts immediately when you do that. 6 Im studying hard to become an (engineer/ engineering). 7 think the best subject on my course is(electronic/ electronics/ electricity/ electron). 8 Pete is doing diploma in (mechanic/ mechanics mechanical) engineering. 9 All the (electron/ electronics /electrical/ electricity) wiring in this building is old and dangerous. 9 Write word from this list in each space in the e-mail attach confirm inform contact aware appreciate Dear Francis, As you are (1), there was an accident on the oil platform yesterday. am sorry to (2) you that two deck crew men were injured. However, can (3) that the injuries were very small. would (4)_ it if you could come to my office to discuss the accident. Please dont hesitate to (5) me if you have any urgent questions about it. (6) details of the names of the crew men, and their injuries to this e-mail in Word document. Regards, Bill 6 Complete the table with the English translation German English German Flasche Rohr Zahnrad Schraubenbolzen Sicherung Helm Haken Verantwortlichkeit Verlängerungskabel einführen Schraubenmutter Wartung Pinsel zögern Stecker wärmebeständig Feder Schraubzwinge Schlauch Steckdose Messgerät Unterlagscheibe Glühbirne Verletzter English Lebenslauf krankgeschrieben 26