Arbeitsblatt: Grammar Test Unit 5


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Gramma Unit 5 Name: Points: 1. Present simple vs. continuous A. Write down the forms of present continuous: I/ talk he/ dance B. Write down the present simple forms: we/ help she/ eat C. Present simple or present continuous: That is the question! Samuels alarm clock (ring) at ten past seven every morning. Peter cant speak to you now. He (interview) Rihanna. My parents always (go) to the cinema on Saturday. No, she (not watch) TV at the moment but she (listen) to her favourite music. Ueli Maurer (be) one of seven federal councils of Switzerland. Look, the jugglers (throw) six balls into the air! Simon and Jimmy (play) rugby every weekend? Be quiet, please! We (write) test! This morning she missed the bus. Now Jenny (run) to school. We always (take) the bus at eight to go to school. Samuel and Simon (play) tennis with their girlfriends? Listen! You can hear that they (laugh). Vanessa usually (not have) lunch with her boyfriend. The mother of Tim normally (cook) for the whole family. Stop! Three very fast bikers (come) in your direction they (drive) like crazy. We always (do) our English homework and we (learn) for the test we (not want) to have bad mark. 2. Whose Who is put the right one into the gap: pencil case is this? Its Toms. in the classroom? Its Anna and her friends. your best friend? It Johnny Black he is really nice and cool! horses are these? These are the cowboy. He has seven of them. pencil is on the floor? This is Cindys pencil, think. singing Lazy Song? Its Bruno Mars he is awesome! 3. Possessive adjectives and pronouns She has little cat. It is cat, called Wanda. We have big house. It house in Sumiswald. These are Henry tests. These are tests. want to have nice bike. want to have bike. Jenny and Kim have brother. brother is called Fred. This is your class it is . These are her cows. They are . These are our exercices. They are . This is my car it is . This is his wife it is . This is John and Jack dog it is . 4. Build the comparative forms for these sentences: Steve is (handsome) than Tom. Jenny has (long) hair than Kimberley. They are (funny) than the neighbours. You are (fashionable) than your sister. It is (wet) in Rio than in Las Vegas. Anna is (helpful) than Jackie. Usain Bolt is (good) than Colin Powell. John is (slim) than his brother. We are (bad) Sydney is (far) away than Rome. My sister is (crazy) than my bestfriend. 5. Write 4 sentences and compare these two people (not the adjectives from above!): LIZ in English than in French. JERRY