Arbeitsblatt: U9 open world 2


Ein Grammatiktest der die Themen von Unit 9 gut darstellt und eine Übersicht über den Stoff gibt.
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English Test Open World 2 Unit 9 – using language forename /name signature: points: (62 . A) Fill in the correct past perfect! to bring to catch to speak to take to write to find to give 7P she we he they you she B) past perfect or past tense 12P 1. After we (have) dinner, we (go) for walk. 2. She (hurry) home again as soon as she (do) her shopping. 3. Oliver (be) very angry, because all the others (laugh) at him. 4. He (take) his dog for walk as soon as he (do) his housework. 5. I(feel) fresh and happy after (sleep). 6. He (begin) to weep after he (read) the letter. C) Fill in the correct forms of the past (simple, perfect) page 1 8P 1. Before Philip (enter) the supermarket, he(make sure) that he (locked) his bike and he . (have) his shopping-list in his pocket. 2. The two of them (not see) eachother for about 10 years, so it .(take) Philip moment to recognise the man who was talking to him. 3. But then he (realise) that it . (be) Dave, an old class-mate of his, whom he (always be) afraid of. 4. Quickly, Philip (throw) the toilet-paper in his trolley, . (sprint) towards the shops exit and . (leave) without taking any groceries with him. 5. Only after he (drink) cup of tea, Philip (relax) and (realise) that he (leave) his bike at the shop. D) question tags 7P 1. They dont go to Lisbon, 2. Her mother works in shop, 3. Sandro drinks lot of water, 4. My family is helping people, 5. Are the girls smiling to peole, 6. Is New York big city, 7. Can Marco sing song, E) Whats right? Underline the correct tense. 9P remember my first day at secondary school very clearly. Mum had has told me all about the school before had went went there, of course, and we had to visit visited an Open Day to have look around. We talked had talked to the teachers too while we were there, so knew had known it was nice school. But some of my friends did had decided to go page 2 to different secondary school and thought Id miss them. However, once walked had walked into my first class on that first day, had known knew worried had worried for no reason. Everyone was very nice, and before long Id get got three new best friends! F) What instrument can you hear (CD ex 4) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5P G) Answer in full sentences. 4P 1) Which music styles do you know 2) Which style is your favourite and why page 3 H) Read the text and answer correctly. page 4 10P