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Song "because you loved me" von Celine Dion um die irregular and regular verbs im past simple zu trainieren.
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Because you loved me – Céline Dion For all those times you by me For all the truth that you me see For all the joy you to my life For all the wrong that you right For every dream you come true For all the love in you Ill be forever thankful baby Youre the one who me up Never let me fall Youre the one who me through through it all You my strength when weak You my voice when couldnt speak You my eyes when couldnt see You the best there was in me me up when couldnt reach You me faith cause you Im everything am Because you me You me wings and me fly You my hand touch the sky my faith, you it back to me You no star was out of reach You by me and tall your love had it all Im grateful for each day you me Maybe dont know that much But know this much is true was because was by you Refrain You always there for me The tender wind that me light in the dark shining your love into my life Youve been my inspiration Through the lies you the truth My world is better place because of you Refrain