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English Title: Name: Date: How met your Mother – Sweet Taste of Liberty 1. 2. What happened in the last episode? Put the sentences in order. Robin showed up at the party. Ted realised that he is still in love with Robin. Ted and Robin kissed on the roof. Ted invited Robin for two parties. They decided to stay friends. Robin did not show up for the first two parties. What is going to happen in this episode? Translate the difficult words. Rather than go to McLaren, their usual hangout (_), Barney convinces Ted to go to the airport with him to pick someone up (_). It turns out that theyre there to pick up some girls. While doing this, they fly to Philadelphia, get arrested (_) by airport security and that when Ted starts to wonder (_) why he ends up (_) in these adventures with Barney. Meanwhile Marshall has studying to do. So Lily and Robin do girls night out and Lily notices (_) guys are buying drinks and try talking to Robin. Lily starts to wonder what it would be like to have her engagement ring (_) off, and with Marshall okay, she takes it off. In the end, Lily realizes that things arent all that great with the ring off and Ted understands why he goes on these adventures (_) with Barney English 3. Put the pictures in order and give title. 4. Explain this joke. JOKE Barney: [on the phone, sitting in taxi] Come on! We always go to MacLarens. Ted: [walking down the street] Yeah. Because MacLarens is fun. Barney: MacLarens is *this* much fun [holds his hand at shoulder height] Barney: What Im offering, is the chance to have *this* much fun [holds his hand over his head] Ted: See. You say that. You say its gonna be *this* much fun [holds his hand above his head] Ted: but most of the time it ends up being *this* much fun [hold his hand below his waist] Ted: This much fun is good [holds his hand in the middle] Ted: Its safe. Its guaranteed. Barney: This hand gesture thing doesnt really work on the phone, does it? Ted: No, it doesnt. EXPLANATION English