Arbeitsblatt: Open World 1 Repetition Unit 3


Repetitionstest Unit 3 Open World 1
7. Schuljahr
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Hannes Schweiter
Land: Schweiz
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English Repetition Unit 3 BC2a/b Pronouns A. Fill in the suitable pronoun. a) can see Roger, but cant hear (ihn). b) Can you see (mich)? c) Petty, d like to visit (dich) tomorrow afternoon. d) This is my pullover, Helen. You cant wear (ihn). e) Mother is driving (sie, Plural) to school. f) dont eat tomatoes, dont like g) Can you teach (uns) English grammar? h) Peter is talking to (ihr). i) You took my new mobile phone. Give it back to (mir). j) dont know those girls, do you know ? B. Fill in pronoun. a) Do you like job? b) Does your father like job? c) Ann is married. She works in store and husband works in bank. d) know Jim, but dont know wife. e) Put on coat when you go out, its cold. f) They have two children, but dont remember names. g) We are going to invite all friends to the party. h) Jane and Greg live in France, but parents live in Germany. i) like job very much. j) Were staying at very nice hotel. room is very comfortable. C. Fill in the pronouns My friend Fred and have each got young dog and decided to go to dog training class to teach how to behave. are very young and like to play all the time, but is necessary to teach certain things. Fred and went to famous dog school because was important for to go to good place. The first eveninggot to know the other dog owners. One lady was called Mary. was an elderly woman and seemed that the others werent very interested in because didnt talk to much. Furthermore, Mary dog was poodle and didnt obeyat all. wasnt very fond of. -1- English Repetition Unit 3 BC2a/b D. Complete the sentences. Use this that these those the following words: birds house plates postcards seat shoes E. Choose one of the words below to complete the sentences this that these those Max goes to the local pet shop to have look at the newly arrived animals. The shop manager says, Look at cat over there. It looks very cute. Max answers, Im sorry but prefer ones here. Are baby cats? Yes, the manager answers, are kittens. What do you think about hamster over there? Max says, Im sorry but dont really like hamster and dont like mice over there. Okay, you dont like small animals over there. But tell me: What do you think of young dog just next to us?, the shop manager asks. Max looks at the dog and says, Yes, dog is very cute! We have one like at home. The shop manager has surprise for Max, The last animal can show you is special one. Have look at little pig over there! Max walks towards the pigs and exclaims, one is absolutely sweet! -2- English Repetition Unit 3 BC2a/b F. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences: 1. Chimpanzees  /  an/  have/  usually/  smile/  open/.       2. Often/  together/  to  impress/  A  chimpanzee/  presses/  another  ape/  its  lips/.   Evaluations Check 6. I: ‘   3. A  chimpanzee/  when  it  stares/  usually/  at  another  animal/  aggressive/  is/.       do you get up in the morning? B: ‘I get up at three oclock. 4. Chimpanzees/  do/  eat/  every  day/  bananas/not/.   7. I: ‘ 8. I: ‘ 9. I: ‘ 10. I: ‘ 1 do you work every day? B: ‘I work for eight hours. 5. 6. 7. 8. Unit   Chimpanzees/  smile/  are  afraid/  when  they/  dont/  normally/.   people come to your bakery per day? B: ‘I dont know exactly,   but think about 200 people.   A/  words/  generally/  produce/  doesnt/  chimpanzee/.   your favourite customer? B: ‘An old lady. She lives across   the street.   the  zoo/  The  elephants/  once  a  day/  walk  through/.   does loaf of bread cost in your bakery? B: ‘It costs £2.     Chimpanzees/  our  laughter/  make/  similar  to/  sometimes/  a  sound/.     10   Typically English Colour the right answer. In England, many people 1 love loves lovs football. Every weekend, they 2 watch watches watchs their favourite club play. The football fan Tom Harris tells us: ‘Manchester United is my favourite club. always 3 goes goe go to the stadium when they 4 play plais plays in London. Im very happy when they 5 winn win wins The English queen isnt football fan, but she often 6 walk walkes walks in the countryside with her dogs. She 7 likes likeis like her dogs very much. Many English people 8 spend spendes spends every weekend in their garden in summer. They 9 reads read reades or they 10 do does did some gardening. -3- 10 English Repetition Unit 3 BC2a/b Present continuous H: Write one sentence for each picture. -4- English Repetition Unit 3 BC2a/b Present simple or present continuous? a) Mum (watch) television, Dad (mow) the lawn and (do) my homework. b) (drink) milk because it is very healthy. c) He never (go) to school by car. d) What you (do) this afternoon? e) Look, the cat (fight) with dog. f) Where you (live)? g) Water (boil) at 100C. h) She normally (drive) to work by car but today she (take) the bus. i) Listen! Somebody (sing). j) Samuel(love) cats and horses. k) She(read) very interesting book at the moment. l) What your sister (do)? m) What time your father normally (finish) work? -5-