Arbeitsblatt: NSE 2 Unit 9 Vocabulary introduction


words explained in English
9. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Marlen Hollenstein
Land: Schweiz
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UNIT 9 Non-Stop English 2 Vocabulary Neuigkeiten words that tell people about things that have just happened aufführen be in play, concert Lied piece of music with words that you sing Theater building where you go to see plays Windjacke short coat with part (called hood) that covers your head kleinlich sein worry and get excited about lot of small things that are not important Gastgeber person who invites guests, for example to party Grösse how far it is from the bottom to the top of somebody or something aussehen wie have the same appearance as somebody or something gelockt lot of pieces of hair in round shape beschreiben say what somebody or something is like or what happened Länge how long something is erkennen 1. know again somebody or something that you have seen or heard before 2. know that something is true gewellt something that has gentle curves in it is . hell with pale colour; not dark Schnauz the hair above mans mouth, below his nose how heavy somebody or something is Gewicht 1.during the time that 2. at the same time as während 1. with no curve or bend gerade