Arbeitsblatt: New Inspiration 2 Unit 1 Repetition


Repetitionsaufgaben zur Grammatik Unit 1, Lesson 1-3
7. Schuljahr
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Stefanie Ziegler
Land: Schweiz
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Repetition present simple and present continuous Present continuous Setzte die Verben in die richtigen Present Continuous – Form. Schreibe einen kurzen Satz (positive, negative oder question). Z.B. Im running. usw. positive negative questions sing you clean he drea she play it rain we paint you drea they jump spea you listen Mache aus den Satzteilen einen Satz im present continuous. a) / to read book Im reading book. b) he not to ride bike c) she to sit on sofa d) you not to come at 5 oclock e) they not to make it f) / not to jump g) they not to win the game h) she to forget the facts i) it not to snow Write questions with the words given below. Use the Present Continuous. a) / to decorate the house Am decorating the house? b) you to cut the banana c) she to wear shirt d) they to move to St.Gallen e) he to write letter f) you to eat bar of chocolate Present simple Make positive sentences negative and negative sentences positive. 1. The train leaves at quarter to one. 2. Lolita doesnt like working in bank. 3. Lorenas sisters travel agent. 4. Martin and Anne dont like their jobs. 5. Oliver and Neville like playing tennis. Make sentence or question. Put the words in the correct order. 1 often at goes out weekends Liz for dinner 2 to the cinema you go do often 3 drive we work never to 4 us they their car tell about new 5 kitchen there your are pictures any in 6 married sister is your 7 bedroom is colour what your Present simple: Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Karen Fisher says: (live) in Japan with my husband, Paul. (be) teacher, and Paul (be) journalist. We (live) in flat near the centre of Tokyo. It (be) very expensive. Paul (work) at home. He (read) and (write) lot. He (have) computer. (work) in language school in Tokyo. We (have) car, but dont (drive) to work. (walk). At weekends, Paul (play) football, and (go) swimming. On Saturday evenings, we (go) to the cinema, or sometimes we (cook) dinner for our friends. Possessives adjectives and pronouns Complete the sentences: Im Marcus and this is garden. My mothers Susan and this is hat. They are Robert and Adam and this is Marco and this is We are Betti and Barbara and this is bedroom. living room. favourite book. title is Twilight. is Rachel and this is sister. These are my teachers. names are Paul and Rita. This is my brother. We are friends. name is Peter. student in Hungary. hobbies are gardening and walking. Im Sophy and this is dog, Aladin. 1. Joanie is (John and Nancy) daughter. 2. Our names are Kathy and Robin. This is (Kathy and Robin) mother. 3. Jeremy and Valerie are (Tim and Carey) parents. 4. Tony is (Mary) grandson. 5. My name is Annie. This is (Annie) father. 6. (Alex) name is Alex. 7. Peggy and Martin are (Kelly) children. 8. Your name is Greg. They are (Grey) parents. Put in the right possessive pronoun. yours 1. This book is (you) 2. The ball is (I) 3. The blue car is (we) 4. The ring is (she) 5. We met Paul and Jane last night. This house is (they) 6. The luggage is (he) 7. The pictures are (she) 8. In our garden is bird. The nest is (it) 9. This cat is (we) 10. This was not my fault. It was (you) . . . . Schreibe den Satz nochmals, sodass ein possessive pronoun drin ist. 1. That is your book. 2. That is her job. 3. These are their pencils. 4. This is my pen. 5. Those are his shoes.