Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary Test NI2, Unit 2, Lesson 1


Voci Test zum Lehrmittel "New Inspiration 2", passend zur lesson 1, Unit 2
7. Schuljahr
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Vocabulary-Test Unit 2, L1 Name: 1.) Translate the word in brackets: Most people (feiern) New Year with family and friends. London is very (weltoffen). The (Schlagzeuger) played big drum. Rio is the most (aufregend) city in the world during the carnival. In Europe, its (freundlich) to smile at strangers. I like (farbig) clothes – red, yellow and blue. There were about 300000 (ausländisch) visitors in Rio. The band is in front of the Mexican food (Verkaufsstand). The (Richter, Achtung: Mehrzahl!) choose the best samba school. In China, New Year celebrations (dauern) 15 days. The band came onto the (Bühne) and began to play. I have never seen such (Riese). There are all-night parties with (durchgehend) samba music. Taxis are four times as expensive as (gewähnlich). The (Tonanlage) was huge! Notting Hill is (schick, elegant) part of London. They were selling (exotisch) food. 17 2.) Whats the contrary (Gegenteil) of this word? Use words form the vocabulary! cheap young wet ( feucht) empty ( leer) cold 5 Total: 22p