Arbeitsblatt: English test new inspiration 2


Unit 2.4
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8. Schuljahr
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Beatrix Blattmann
Land: Schweiz
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English Test Unit 2.4 Name:_ 1. Complete with the correct form of the present: Be, chat, do, drink, eat, get, go, like, phone, play, speak, watch a) In the evening Kristinonline to her friends b) not interested in going to the cine ma c) AlexTV every evening. d)Leyla_ four languages? e) Ra onhis parents every day f) Em ma not horses. g) swim ming on Mondays h) Jay_coffee at breakfast i) Ra on not_yoga j) Leyla never chips k) Alex notvolleyball l) The children_envelopes with on ey inside 24 2. Translate a) Ankunft b) Brennen c) Viel Glück_ d) Traube e) Wie lange f) Gedicht g) Koffer_ 3. Complete with the gerund of these verbs Be, do, sleep, go, listen, meet, play, read, watch a) She doesnt like_new people b) What things are you good at_ 14 c) They cannot stand late d) We are not interested in TV e) He is bad at football f) do not enjoy to parties g) What kind of music do you liketo h) She loves in tent. i) What books do you like_ 18 4. Write the opposite word. 1 cheap 4 safe 2 quiet 5 ool 3 dry 5. hoose the correct definition A, or C. 5p 1 is place to sell things. stage stall band 2 is kind of special clothing. parade festival c ostu me 3 People play music on . stage concert stall 4 is kind of festival. theatre carnival concert 5 is when lots of people ove down the streets together. parade band carnival 6. READING Birthdays around the world 5p South America In some countries, girl 15th birthday is very important. It is called the Quince Años. Usually the girl, the quinceañera, and her family go to church and the girl lights her parents candles with her own candle. Then her parents light the candles of their parents, and so on. Argentina Children in Argentina get pull on their ear for their birthday. Traditionally, theres one pull for each year of their life. Brazil In Brazil, children often eat sweets in the shape of fruits and vegetables and the house is decorated with banners and paper flowers. Mexico In Mexican birthday celebrations piñatas are very important. Piñatas are paper shapes with sweets and small toys inside. At birthday parties, children close their eyes and hit the piñata until it breaks. When it breaks, all the presents fall onto the floor and everyone tries to get one. People believe that the child who breaks the piñata has good luck. Hong Kong In Hong Kong and some other Chinese communities, people eat special noodles for lunch on their birthday. The noodles are very long as people think this brings long life. Denmark Danish people put the country flag outside their home to show that someone in the family is having birthday. Before birthday, parents put presents around their childrens beds in the middle of the night. When the children wake up on the morning of their birthday, the presents are the first thing they see. Norway Norwegian children dance in front of their class with friend while the rest of the students sing happy birthday song. They also put flag up outside the school. 7. 1 Where do people pull the birthday childs ear? 2 Where do children get toys fro a paper shape? 3 Where do children eat special noodles? 4 Where do children find presents round their bed? 8p 8. Now complete the sentences. 1 The birthday is important for girls in . 2 In South m erica, on girls fifteenth birthday, the family goes to and the girl lights . 3 Children eat and shaped sweets in Brazil. 4 In Mexico, children the piñata until it and the sweets fall out. 5 People put up outside their ho e in. 6 Children dance in front of theiron their birthday in. 12p Good luck Total points:of 86 Note: