Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary Test unit 2


Voc Test Unit 2 Forms of Migration
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Vocabulary test Unit 2 „Forms of Migration 12.11.13 Name: Mark: Points: of . Lz: . 1. Fill in the missing word. a. The elephant has got one . b. green turtle can reach the same as you can on your bicycle. c. The feeds on krill, plankton and fish. d. You have to do your homework to be good in the test. e. The . of the green turtle is 1.50m – 2m f. Tomorrow am going to . my grandmother in Waldkirch. g. One thousand . is kilometer. 2. Fill in in order to or so a. You have to do sport get muscles. b. We have to read books . we are better readers. c. have to find my way home eat my dinner. d. She has to eat spinach she grows up big and strong. 3. Find the right order.