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London for tourists London ist he biggest city in Britain. Its also one of the most important cities in the world. Its centre for business and tourism. long time ago the Romans came to Britain and built town on the River Thames. They called the city Londinium. In 1666 there was big fire and most of London burnt down. People built houses again after the Great Fire. But this time they built them of stone and brick and not of wood. The city grew larger and larger. Now over seven million people live and work in London. If you ever go to London you can visit many interesting places. In London you are never far from the River Thames. Many tourists go on boat trips from Tower Bridge to Westminster. It isnt long way from Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. The Tower of London is Londons oldest building and it is here that you can see the Queens crown jewels – the Queens gold and jewels. Then you can walk across the Tower Bridge. This bridge can be lifted to allow large ships to pass through. You can continue your walk to Shakespeares Globe Theatre, passing London Bridge Station. Since 1997 some of Shakespeares great plays, such as Romeo and Juliet and Henry IV, have been performed on new stage. After leaving the theatre, you can carry on to Buckingham Palace which is the home of the Queen. Soldiers always guard the palace. At half past eleven every morning, you can watch the changing of the guards. Another of the Queens homes is Windsor Castle. Its near the river Thames, but about forty kilometres away from London. The castle is eight hundred years old. There are different ways of travelling in London. There are lot of taxis. The drivers are usually friendly and helpful. You should only use black taxis. The tube is Londons underground railway. Its train lines can take you all over the city. But you can see more of London from bus. There are special open-top bus tours for tourists. London is also world famous for its shopping. Oxford street is Londons main shopping street. The most famous shop in London is Harrods. There you can buy anything you want. People who are interested in theatres or cinemas usually go to the West End. You can see all kinds of plays and shows in Londons theatres.