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PARTS OF THE BODY If you do something behind someones back You act deceitfully. If you have something on the brain you are obsessed about it. If you are all ears You are listening very carefully. If you try to catch someones eye You want to attract his/ her attention. If you keep straight face You try not to laugh. You try not to crack up (informal). If you have green fingers You are good at gardening. If someone is your own flesh and blood She/ he is relative of yours. Blood is thicker than water. Your relationship with your relatives is stronger than with your friends. If you are run off your feet You are very busy If you dont turn hair when something happens You dont show any sign of emotion. (Youre completely unmoved) If you give someone hand You help him/ her. If you have your heart in your mouth You are very frightened. If you give someone piece of your mind You speak angrily to him/ her. You speak openly and frankly to him If you show someone clean pair of heels You run away from him/ her. If you pull someones leg You tease him/ her. If you bite your lip You deliberately stop yourself from saying something. If you give someone piece of your mind You speak angrily to him/ her. You speak openly and frankly to her If you are down in the mouth You are feeling depressed. If you pay through the nose for something You pay more for something than it is really worth. If you give someone the cold shoulder You ignore him/ her. If you are all skin and bones (a bag of bones) You are very thin. If you have lump in your throat You are feeling very emotional and so cant speak. If you have something on the tip of your tongue You almost remember it. If you are bit long in the tooth You are old. If you do something in cold blood You do it deliberately. To keep your hair on To take it easy To be handinglove with someone Being very close To have head (mind) like sieve Easily forgetting everything, having bad memory, you forget everything Dont get your knickers in twist To turn blind eye to something Convince yourself you didnt see something, ignoring, block st out To pick someones brain Asking questions about things he knows and you dont Keep an eye on something Giving more attention, to keep something in mind To have blue blood being aristocratic or royal To be all fingers and thumbs Being clumsy To get cold feet get out of your situation (before the wedding) Set your heart on something You want that and nothing else, you made decision feel like would go out of mind my mind To go crazy, lose control To put words into someones mouth