Arbeitsblatt: Test zur Unit 3 Open World


Testaufgaben zur Unit 3
7. Schuljahr
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Formative Lernkontrolle Unit 3 Open World Punkte: 26.5 Lernziele: Du kannst das Vocabulary der Unit 3 schreiben und richtig einsetzen. Du kennst die Demonstrativpronomen „this, these, that, those und verwendest sie korrekt. Du weisst, wie man „short answers bildet und richtig einsetzt. Du weisst, wie man das present simple bildet und anwendet. Du weisst, wie man das present continuous bildet und anwendet. Du kennst die Fragepronomen und kannst damit Fragen formulieren. Du kannst verschiedene Adverbien der Häufigkeit nennen übersetzen und diese im Satz korrekt platzieren. Du kennst die Personalpronomen und kannst diese in einem Text sinngemäss einfügen. 1. Choose „this, that, these or those and compete the scentences. rod is red. rods are green. rods are red. is green rod. is red rod. are green rods. 3 2. Complete with the right short answers! Can you swim? Yes, Do you like Peter? No, Is Selma his friend? No, Does he work lot? Yes, Do they know each other? Yes, Are you happy? Yes, Is she at school? No, 3.5 3. Complete the text with the verbs in the brackets in the present continuous! Look at the chimpanzees. They (not sleep). They (hit) with their arms on the ground and some of them (swing) really high. What (you do)? (read) book about animals. Look! The cows (run) towards the trees. The farmer (not stop) them. 3.5 4. Present simple or present continuous? (love) the sea and (think) its amazing that animals live in it. Especially whales (seem) to be very interesting. They (be) so big! Look at that fish over there. It (swim) fast. It (follow) the big fish. Everything (look) so beautiful. But (not understand) why fish tank(get) dirty so fast. 4.5 5. Build questions – ask for the underlined part! 1. like Tom because he makes jokes. 2. My house is in the city center. 3. She stays there for two hours! 4. go to school by bike. 4 6. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences! 1. use to groom another chimpanzee they their lips or teeth sometimes 2. from other communities they never/ enemies groom 3. your I never name remember can 4. eating a lot Peter of is chocolate always /4 7. Use the correct personal pronouns to fill the gaps! Panbanisha can tell people when wants to have coffee. The scientists tell Panbanisha when they are pleased with . Panbanisha wants to play (the game) whenever she can. Panbanisha sees (Sue) almost every day. Panbanisha likes (Kanzi). Look at (the monkeys)! love to watch. If you ask, would say chimpanzees are the most interesting animals! 4