Arbeitsblatt: Marley and me


Arbeitsblatt zum 1.Kapitel
Lesen / Literatur
7. Schuljahr
1 Seiten




Monika Keckeis
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Chapter 1 Questions 1. Explain the word « obedient » with 2 sentences. When you call your dog and he comes over to you, the dog is obedient. When your dog doesnt listen to you, hes NOT obedient. What did John call his first dog? He was called Shaun. John called him Shaun. 2. What were John and Jenny occupations when they adopted Marley? They both worked for newspaper. Their job was newspaper reporter. 3. What made John and Jenny decide it was time to get their first dog? They decided to buy dog, because they wanted to have children but they were not yet ready. 4. Why did they decide to adopt one of Lori puppies? They saw an ad in the newspaper of Loris Labrador puppies. 5. Describe what happens after John took Marley home. John put Marley in box in the garage and left him there. Marley started to cry and didnt stop. So John took him in his bedroom and Marley stayed quiet. 6. Task Cut out this picture and create list with keywords.