Arbeitsblatt: Test Vocabulary Unit 2 - New Inspiration 2


Test Vocabulary Unit 2 - New Inspiration 2
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Mirjam Anrig
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English Test: New Inspiration 2 Vocabulary Unit 2 p: /50 m: name: Ø: date: class: Fill in the missing word (one word per gap). 13 1. After many weeks without rain, everything was vey d_. 2. In Rio, carnival l_2 days. 3. During the Rio carnival, taxis are four times as expensive as u_. 4. Notting Hill is w carnival in London. 5. She kissed her daughter on the c_ when she went to school. 6. You need to l someone when they are unwell. 7. You can book flight at the a_ or online. 8. Water c_ more than two thirds of the Earth. 9. The train arrived at the station o. 10. When you go on holiday you pack your s_. 11. My most v_possession is my mobile phone. 12. should b to see the band from where am standing. 13. Some people are good at getting b_ at concert. What do these words mean Explain the words in English. Write two sentences per word (at least 5 words per sentence !). You can also give examples of the words. 12 1. queue 2. foreign 3. stamp 4. stall 5. giant 6. purse How do you say it in English? Translate! 14 1. Heute trägt sie ein farbiges, aufregendes Kostüm. 2. Wünsche dir etwas und zünde Kerzen an am Silvester. 3. Sofort waren wir voll Schlamm und nass. 4. Sie werfen Abfall in den See. Ich kann es nicht ausstehen. 5. Du solltest so schnell wie möglich (baldmöglichst) eine Glückwunschkarte schreiben. 6. Rio ist aufregender und weltoffener als Bern. 7. Vor der Post hat es hat es einen beliebten Zeitschriftenladen. Form the comparatives or superlatives of the following adjectives! Fill in only the white boxes. 4 adjective busy bad famous little fat clever comparative superlative Complete the sentences with the comparative of the opposite adjective. 7 a) Was it cheap hotel? – No, not at all. In fact it was than we expected (erwarten). b) The film we saw yesterday was boring. am sure that the next one will be . c) Its too noisy in here. Can we go somewhere . d) Is your brother older than you? No, hes . e) You are too far away from the microphone. Cant you stand little bit . f) The coffee is weak. like it much . d) You were late yesterday, and you were late this morning too. Cant you come tomorrow.