Arbeitsblatt: Open World 2+ Vocabulary 10 exercise


Vocabularytraining - Einsetzübung zum unit 10 (Open World 8+)
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Bruno Ebneter
Land: Schweiz
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Vocabulary exercise unit 10 part one and two Find suitable word from the box. At the end there are 2 words left. 1. The capital of the is Amsterdam? 2. In Switzerland people speak many 3. Tickets are still for Saturdays show. 4. In Toronto youll find lots of shops. 5. What sports does your school have? 6. She loves bright colours, yellow and pink. 7. Our dog is Rover. 8. In my free time do hip hop, and play in an orchestra. 9. Do you have your room at home? 10. Please give the back when youve eaten the lasagne. 11. Switzerland is an Alpine 12. My is quite difficult but enjoy it. 13. in downtown Toronto. 14. For successful event we need good 15. How do you Easter in your family? 16. are helpful if youre looking for information on the internet. 17. My best friend is training to be 18. The bus was really this morning. nation dialects facilities own work search engines also city available work downtown attraction called celebrate such as dish crowded Netherlands publicity hair dresser Find the suitable word for nations and languages/people. GERMAN Griechenland Spanien Frankreich Schweiz China country Language/people