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The students predict each other's future.
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How does she/he know? Dear listened to the magic pen of village/city the students are from and it told me something about your future. Listen, it told me that you will become A in about B years. Because of the new job you will move to C But no worries, you wont be alone for the rest of your life. Because you will marry in D in E You will have F. G. children. In your new job you will earn H Swiss Francs in one year. With that much money you will buy eleven I By the way the company you will work for is called J But thats not all know about your future. Listen, you will meet K. and become friends with L Thats because you will learn M So you can talk to him/her. But you to will also become famous famous for N. But sadly, and have to tell you that, you will die of (a) O. Thats all know about your future. If you want more information talk to the magic pen of village/city the students are from yourself. Students predict the future of their partner: They write down the following information, not knowing what it is about. A: profession B: number between 1 30 C: village, city or country D: date in the future (not to far) E: village, city or country F: number between 0 12 G: an adjective H: number higher than 50000 I: subject like lamp, car J: name of company K: famous person (real and still alive) L: person or famous person M: 1 to 3 languages N: verb –ing form and an adverb, adjective or noun like being loud, playing golf, singing beautifully O: noun Now the students get the text. Student read the prediction to students B, fill in the words in the correct gap. Optional: Students correct the prediction. (I wont become doctor, will become carpenter.)