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EnglishTest: unit 15/16: Name: class: points: mark:_ Signature of parents: 1. Imperatives (positive and negative) Write the verbs on the lines. Dont eat 5 chewing gum. a. your friend if you need an answer. b. your homework. c. for the Englishtest. d. for job after school. e. in the house. look do learn run ask eat 2. Possesive and object pronouns 10 would my me You would He would She would like to invite friends to eat with We would They would 3. too/either. Fill in. a. dont like your car. She b. He lives in Uster. c. They dont go to school here. You 5 d. She isnt blonde. e. They have dog. He_ 4. must – mustnt – have to Mr Dietrich is an English teacher. a. He speak English in the classroom. b. He smoke in the classroom. c. He work in hotel. Vjosa is student. a. She work for money. b. She learn to get good marks. c. She eat in the classroom. Mr Kunz is housekeeper. a. He clean the house. b. He learn French anymore. You are fourteen. a. You drive car. b. You pay when you take the bus. 10 Dogs mustnt shit here!!