Arbeitsblatt: Finaltest Unit8


New Hotline Test Unit 8
9. Schuljahr
4 Seiten




Jakob Stuhlert
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Name: Datum: Unit 8 Test Translation /4 Du bist besorgt. Der Räuber nahm den falschen Flug. Der Reisende sprach mit dem Angestellten. Ich gehe um Mitternacht schlafen. Write the right words. /6.5 The telephone when was in the shower. You put on letters and postcards. North, south, west and . The largest continent is . Clouds, fog and rain are kinds of . The comparative of big is . The comparative of far is The superlative of bad is . The past tense of do is . The past tense of come is . The past tense of sit is . The opposite of short is . Paris is the capital of . Put these sentences into the future tense to talk about tomorrow /4 Name: Datum: Terry goes to school at 8.15. He doesnt travel by car. He catches the bus with his friends. dont have lunch at school. Make these sentences negative /3 Kamala was eating hamburger. Terry and Jackie were looking at the magazines. was watching Jackie. She was going home with Jackie Turn these sentences into questions You were lying on the beach. Carmen was buying an ice cream. The boys were playing fooball. They were travelling together. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense /4 /3 with my friends, when an accident (play have). While my bike, (ride fall off ). Name: Datum: When my friends me, they (see run) Complete these with the comparative or the superlative of the adjectives in brackets. /4 Jackie ist than Sue (tall). think Sue is than Jackie (attractive). Casey is the footballer in the team (good). Rom is away from London than Paris. Complete these with „this or „these /2 Do you like trousers. Id like shirt, please. How much are scissors. shorts are too tight. Complete what the policeman says. /4 If they the country, wethem easily. (leave/not find) But we them, if they still at the airport. (get/be) If we the airport police, they all the flights. (not phone/reach) If we the airport police, they all the flights. (phone/reach) Writing /6 Recently you went out, either shopping or to the beach, or to city. Describe your day in the past! • Where you went. • How you got there. Name: Datum: What you bought or what you did. What you ate and drank. How much money you spent. • How you got home. • • •