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- AN INTERVIEW- then rest Look! Cinderellas stepmother is on TV. reporter is interviewing her! Reporter- Good afternoon Mrs. Please, tell us about your ordinary day. What do you usually do in the morning? Stepmother- Well, usually get up at 7 and make the breakfast for my two daughters and for Cinderella. Reporter- You are good mother! What do you then? Stepmother- Then, clean the house and make the beds. Reporter- And after that? Stepmother- go to the town and buy some fruits and meat. cook the lunch and until seven. Reporter- What do you do at seven? Stepmother- dress for dinner and go to bed at ten. Reporter- Thank you very much, you are certainly an excellent mother and you have busy life! ANSWER What time does Cinderellas stepmother get up?. What does she usually do after getting up? Does she clean the house? . Does she make the beds? What does she do after that? Does she cook the dinner? Does Cinderellas stepmother tell the truth? Who actually does the housework? REMEMBER subjectquestion asks for the identity of the subject. There is not inversion and the question has the same word order as statement. Statement: Cinderella makes the bed ANSWER ACCORDING TO THE TRUE STORY OF CINDERELLA Who gets up at 7? Who makes the breakfast?. Who cleans the house and makes the beds? Who goes to the town? Who buys some food? Subjectquestion Who makes the bed? Answer: Cinderella (does) When no auxiliary verb is present in the question, we use DO or DOES WHATS THE TRUE STORY OF CINDERELLA? WRITE WHAT SHE USUALLY DOES EVERYDAY YOUR QUESTIONS AND HER ANSWERS IN FORM OF DIALOGUE. CLEAN THE HOUSE – SWEEP – WIPE MAKE THE BEDS COOK THE LUNCH – DO THE WASHING – TIDY UP DO THE WASHING UP YOU BUYCAN WRITTEN TASK: IMAGINE MOP CINDERELLA. WRITE INTERVIEW