Arbeitsblatt: Bend it like Bekham


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Lesen / Literatur
7. Schuljahr
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A. Maria Birrer
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Bend it like Beckham Friendship About Jess and her friends •Jess family are Indian Sikhs. Sikhs believe in honesty and respect •They are working hard and are generous to other people. •Jess often plays football in the park with some boys and her good friend Tony. •Jules see, that she plays very well and invites Jess to try out for her local team. The coach of the team is Joe. He is skeptical of new player joining the team, but puts her with Jule on the team. Jess and Jules get friends. Friendship with Jules Jules and Jess get very good friends. This because they have lot of things in common: •They are the same age. •They have similar names. •They have the same dream – to play professional football. •They are both attracted to the same man (Coach Joe). •They both have problems with their mothers. Friendship with Tony •They are both Indians and come from the same culture •They share the love for football •Tonys passion for sports doesnt make him bad Indian man. So football does also not make Jess „bad Indian woman. •He understands the problems of Jess and helps her with her dream to become football star Friendship with Joe •Jess only the first time feels like woman when she meets Joe and begins to change (in Hamburg, when Jules dresses her up for the party). •Joe helps Jess in fullfilling her dreams. •Joe accepts Jess as football playing woman. •He admires her courage. •At the end, Joe tells Jess that he loves her.