Arbeitsblatt: Test Present prefect


Ready for Englisch Unit 20 Test
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Natalie Buser
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Name Test Date Max. Points 29 Present Perfect Points Have or has? answered the question. She opened the window. They have called us. He washed the car. The girls visited the museum. positiv negativ Question He has swum She hasnt slept Have you phoned? Tina has cried Bilde Sätze im Present Perfect! Phil/ not/ miss/ the bus_ They not/ plant a tree Vanessa/ catch/ the ball The train/ leave the station Bilde Fragen im Present Perfect! You correct my mistakes You practise/ your English She/ sign the letter Mary shut the door Frage nach dem fettgeschriebenen Satzteil Toni has built house. They have never been to ustralia. Rupert has dialled the number._ Past simple or Present Perfect? (be) to Spain. She (not make)_ her homework. Yesterday evening they (go out)_ for dinner. Oh dear, (lose) my keys. Last year we (have) big Christmas party. GOOD LUCK