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Test of the words unit 3
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Ruth Gschwend
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Test English words unit 3 name: class: 1sa points: 34 mark: pa: Datum: 13.12.13 ac: s.: GOOD LUCK 1. Translate. 1) selten, nicht oft 8) zur Verfügung stellen 2) (be)schädigen 9) aussprechen 3) Küste, Ufer 4) aufgeregt, begeistert 11) ausreichend, genug 10) (ab)messen 12) Ausnahme 13) zuversichtlich 5) Geheimnis, Rätsel_ 6) herunterlassen 14) Fortschritt 7) erwähnen 14 2. Fill in the gap. 1) Old age is long off when youre teenager. 2) My new school is away from my home than the old one. 3) The word for wolfs is howl. 4) Try drinking tea with honey for your throat. 5) Is having sense of humour of intelligence? 6) Our plans for the weekend the weather. If its nice, well go skiing. 7) need the 4th floor. Can you the button, please? 8) dont know for sure; would have to. 9) What does desperate? 10) One specific scent when the ants have to flee. Test English words unit 3 11) Did you manage to the problem? 12) Dogs through sounds and body language. 13) Cook the vegetables in the for ten minutes. 14) When the sun is so really need my sunglasses. 15) had bad about that test. 16) dont have any , just friends. 17) Can you explain the offside to me, please? 18) My last holiday was long time 19) What of music do you like best? 20) your hand if you are interested in the project.