Arbeitsblatt: Inspiration Unit 1.3: Presentation family photo


Die Schüler stellen der Klasse ein Familienfoto vor. Auftrag und Kriterien für die Präsentation
7. Schuljahr
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Annina Gfeller
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Presentation Family Foto Monday, January 20 1. Chose photo on which we can see as many of your family members as possible: you, mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins 2. Prepare short presentation. Give the following information about 3 of your family members. Chose at least one woman and one man: a. Where in the photo is the person? b. What family member is the person? c. Whats his/her name? d. How old is he/she? e. Whens his/her birthday? Make sure you take the right: prepositions of place (on the left is, on the right is, next tois, between and is, behindis) personal pronouns (he, she) possessive adjectives (my, his her) Here are two examples: « On the right is my brother. His names Tom. Hes 16 years old. His birthday is on the twenty-first of May. » « Next to my brother is my mother. Her name is Emma. Shes 46 years old. Her birthday is on the fifth of July. » You can bring some notes to the presentation but try to speak as freely as possible! Unterschrift der Eltern (bis Montag, 13. Januar):