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Final Test Unit 3. New Hotline Starter
9. Schuljahr
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Jakob Stuhlert
Land: Schweiz
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Name: Datum: 5. Dezember 2013 UNIT 3 TEST 1.TRANSLATION /12 Der Tunnel ist unter der Brücke. Können Sie mir sagen wie ich zu der ekundarschule ko m e. Die Bibliothek ist neben de Bahnhof. Sie ist verliebt in To m. Das Einkaufszentrum ist vor der Tankstelle. Die Bar ist m die Ecke. Der Polizeiposten ist hinter der Bushaltestelle. Was: Warum: Wo: Wie: Wer: 2. What are the people doing in this picture? Name: Datum: 5. Deze mber 2013 Choose five pictures out of eight and describe what they are doing in full sentences. Example: The man in picture number is swimming. /5 3. PUT THE VERBS IN BRACKETS INTO THE CORRECT TENSE: PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS /10 a) Jane and Jill tennis every Saturday. (play) b) Jackies family today. (move) c) Why dont you go out? cant it now. It always at the weekend. (rain) d) Lucas TV. He always TV after dinner. (watch) e) Now, we to the park. Would you like to come? (go) f) (work) at the moment. g) Yesterday (be) nice day. h) We (buy) now things in shop. 4. WRITE THE QUESTIONS. USE THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS! /4 a) What/you/watch? The news. b) You/do/anything at the moment? Yes, Im writing letter. c) Paul/do/homework? No, he isnt. Name: Datum: 5. Dezember 2013 d) Where/Casey/go? Hes going to the cinema. 5. Make these sentences negative /4 Stefan lives in Brig. Michèle has got blonde hair. Patrick went to London. Josefs parents are from Italy. 6. DESCRIBE YOUR VILLAGE /3 Write six sentences about your village. 7. Reading /5 Read the following text and then decide if the sentences in the chart are true/false or dont know. .Meanwhile, Mina was on holiday with her friend Lucy in Whitby. At first, Mina and Lucy enjoyed their seaside holiday. But then Mina became worried. Theres no news from Jonathan. she said to Lucy. hope hes all right. Im sure hes fine. Dont worry Mina. said Lucy. One night there was terrible storm. boat crashed onto the beach at Whitby. There was no one on the boat. But huge dog jumped out of the boat and ran up the hill to the abbey (Kloster). Name: Datum: 5. Dezember 2013 Three nights later, Lucy got up in the middle of the night. She walked out of the house and went up the hill to the abbey. Mina found Lucys bed was empty (leer). Lucy isnt in her bed. Mina thought. Where is she? Mina went up the hill to the abbey. She saw Lucy with someone tall and dark. Mina was scared and shouted, Lucy, Lucy! but when Mina ran up, Lucy was alone and there was no one else there. a) Lucy became worried because she didnt hear from Jonathan. b) The dog was alone on the boat. c) Mina saw Lucy talking to man. d) Lucy found Mina at the seaside in the middle of the night. e) The abbey wasnt by the sea.