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Nadja Giger

Land: Schweiz
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English – Test „Past Simple Name: Punkte: /29 Note: Unterschrift: Below you will find 12 sentences, each with ohne word missing. Write what you think ist he missing word. (12 P) 1. Robert prize in photography competition. 2. sick yesterday so didnt go to work. 3. Christian down the stairs. 4. Anna the song beautiful. 5. Jenny and Samuel in Villach last week. 6. Tony across the lake last summer. 7. Jason to Italy two month ago. 8. Mum me back tot he airport last Friday. 9. Out teacher ill last week. 10. dog. 11. Kate letter. 12. We souvenirs. buy take fall go sing feel write have be be win swim „was or „were? (5 P) 1. hungry. 2. You in Australia last year. 3. She not there. 4. Chary Chaplin famous actos. 5. Lisa and James at home. Write sentences in simple past. (5 P) 1. you cards play 2. / car want 3. we the game lose 4. not I early get up 5. not Jeff and Linda home cycle In jeder Reihe ist ein regelmässiges Verb versteckt. Finde es heraus und schreibe es in die Lücke. (7 P) Bsp.: say, lose, dance, sing Lösung: say, lose, dance, sing dance 1. read, feel, play, see 2. listen, do, go, make 3. know, help, say, think 4. like, write, forget, eat 5. take, bring, cut, clean 6. watch, be, have, meet 7. put, buy, cook, teach