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Übung zum Präpositionen einsetzen
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Exercises with prepositions 1. Last week there was terrible storm England. 2. The people had to stay their houses because of the rain. 3. school always very tired. 4. My uncle lives New York. 5. Paul is not home the moment. 6. the morning usually do the housework. 7. July 15th we have an important meeting. 8. There is drink for you the fridge. 9. My birthday is the 11th of December. 10. was bornAugust 2nd, 1968. 11. Please, don put your feet the sofa. 12. work bookstore. 13. The ladiesdepartment is the third floor. 14. met him the bus stop. 15. what time will he come home? 16. She lives nice apartment. 17. Please turn the radiator it too warm. 18. can find my glasses, been looking them all day. 19. The lady inquired the buses to Canterbury. 20. looking forward seeing you next month. 21. Divide 50 10! 22. We all hope the best. 23. The story turned to be not true. 24. The policeman took the thief the collar. 25. sorry, we are late. We had to wait the bus. 26. The plane took at 10 a. m. 27. The teacher complained the student bad marks. 28. The soldiers died hunger. 29. May introduce you my father. 30. When was in England stayed host family. 31. The old man leaned his walking stick. 32. Because was ill, had to stay last week. 33. The answers have to be written 34. When she heard the news, she wept joy. 35. The man next door lives selling cars. 36. You can look the unknown words in the appendix. 37. Don write pencil, but ink! 38. The children wrote postcards their parents. 39. The students applied holiday job. 40. My mother came the letter in my desk. 41. The book deals social problems. 42. The magician changed the parrot rabbit. 43. The prisoner was condemned murder. 44. How much did he charge the spare parts? 45. He is similar to his father. He looks his father. 46. Could you please look my cat while on holiday? 47. The actress looked the mirror. 48. The doctor told me to give smoking. 49. On Saturday the children stayed till 10 0 lock. 50. He is looked an expert. 51. The speaker pointed that the work had to be continued. 52. They provided two servants to wait us. 53. Please write to me your new job. 54. We arrived the station midnight. 55. don care sport. 56. You must learn to distinguish good and bad. 57. The students complained the homework. 58. haven been in town 3 weeks. 59. Simon is sitting the other children. 60. We are going Paris Strasbourg. 61. 3 weeks we talked about this problem. 62. didn come train. came bus. 63. My father works Harrod . 64. He hasn written me last month. 65. My mother is preparing dinner the kitchen. 66. The accident happened the road to Sevenoaks. 67. 2 years had already been Germany. 68. The robber was condemned 5 years imprisonment. 69. Can you distinguish horse donkey? 70. He wanted to pick up his record. He came his record. 71. Our firm has never dealt Simsons Ltd. 72. The man was charged blackmailing. 73. The text consists five chapters. 74. The meal didn agree me. 75. Don put your bike in front of the house, put it the house. 76. Why are you always so obstinate? You never give 77. Be careful! Look 78. Could you please write cheque? 79. The bank is the supermarket. 80. The bus stop is the park. 81. There is post box the chemist . 82. The cinema is the left, the flower shop. 83. The lamp is the sofa. 84. Your dictionary is my dictionary. 85. She speaks to people the meal. 86. Why don we go out drink? 87. They talk the news. 88. She has coffee Harrods. 89. She studies 8.15 4.00. 90. often think you. 91. often think my family. 92. have shower breakfast. 93. Write when you were young. 94. The box is full books. 95. Can ask you question your country? 96. The house is 50m the sea. 97. looking red jacket. 98. worried the exam. 99. She climbs ropes. 100. What the weather in Switzerland? 101. What the story (film) 102. want to go the world. 103. girl beautiful green eyes was sitting in bar. 104. The train leaves platform 9. 105. She works big company. 106. Hamlet is play Shakespeare. 107. She was bored life. 108. She wrote her life as nurse. 109. Don worry me. 110. Could speak the manager, please? 111. want to talk you something. 112. Tell me your boyfriend. 113. Study the word list page 124. 114. What the cinema? 115. What TV tonight? 116. Are you interested ballet? 117. have problem people in the post office. 118. She fell in love his voice. 119. What happens the end? 120. phoned him the end the programme. 121. She is good singing. 122. She studying the International School of Languages. 123. Everest is the highest mountain the world. 124. He always dept. 125. She is married an American. 126. We never go out weekends. 127. We go shopping Saturdays. 128. My parents are work not home. 129. always do my homework the evening.