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present perfect and past simple 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 parachutist has just Lucy has had My poor old father has Polly and Simon have Some people have bought Somebody has just crashed The firm has United have won a baby girl. gone into hospital again. into our garden gate. just got married. landed on the roof. lost £30 million this year. the cup again. the house next door Choose the right tenses and put the sentences in pairs! Example: light passenger plane has crashed in Surrey. According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft hit tree while coming in to land. light passenger plane (crash) in Surrey. Five thousand fans (be) at the airport. According to eyewitnesses the aircraft(hit) tree while coming in to land. Anna Gomez of Peru, (set) new record for the marathon. He (say) was just the person he needed. Novelist Maria Santiago (marry) actor Tony Delaney. Peter (just offer) me new job. Police (find) missing school girl Karen Allen. She (cover) the 42km in just over 2hours and 16minutes. She (be) at friends house in Birmingham. The World Cup team (arrive) home. They (fall) just before reaching the summit of Mont Blanc (4.807m). They (meet) while working on the screenplay for the film Sun in the Morning. They (steal) dustmens uniforms and walked out through the main gate. Three climbers (die) in the Alps. Two prisoners (escape) from Caernarvon high security prison. choose the correct tense 1 (havent seen didnt see) much of Al lately. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Who is she? (‘ve never seen never saw) her before. (‘ve done /did) lot of stupid things in my life. She (has left left) school last year. When (have you got did you get) married? Im sorry. (havent finished didnt finish) yet. (‘ve often wondered often wondered) what he does for living. He (has caught caught) the plane at eight this morning. (‘ve read read) lot of her books when was at school. (Have you seen Did you see) any good films recently? 1 2 3 4 5 You (be) beautiful baby. (not read) her latest book. (you visit) India? My great-grandmother (live) in Glasgow. Columbus (not discover) America: the Indians already (know) where it was. Amazing news! Scientists (discover) new planet. Who (give) Shakespeare his first job? How many times (you be) in love? (never enjoy) holiday as much as this one. (you hear) the thunder? No, nothing wakes me up. 6 7 8 9 10 Complete the three questions Have you ever? How often have you? When did you last?