Arbeitsblatt: Marley and me Chapters 567


Fragen zu den Chapters 5 6 7 von Marley and me
Lesen / Literatur
7. Schuljahr
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Monika Keckeis
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Chapters 57 Read the sentences. How do they end Underline the right words. a) One night, John heard cry in the street. It was small child. young man. girl. b) When Jenny was in hospital, John did the houswork very well. but not very well. very badly. c) When Conor was born, Patrick was twelve years old. seventeen months old. two years old d) When Conor was small baby, Jenny wanted Marley to leave.Marley to stay. to get new dog. e) lot of newspaper ads were from people with dogs homes. Labrador puppies. Labrador dogs. f) Marleys second time at the obedience class was better. worse. the same. Answer these questions and write them into your exercise book. a) Who was Bob Gosse Why was he interested in Marley b) How did John find out about Marleys movie? c) Why did the Grogan family move from West Palm Beach d) What did they like best about their new house? e) What was the problem with Marleys cage? Before you get dog, what do you have to think about? Write short text (about 5 sentences) into your exercise book and exchange your ideas with your neighbour.