Arbeitsblatt: Open World 1+ unit 4


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Unit 4 Hats off 01. He has the to slove complex maths problems. 02. she said she wanted to come with us. 03. Can you read that sentence, please? 04. really must for not being there. 05. would like to manager when Im older. 06. Can have another of cake, please? 07. She lookes in the last lession. 08. Our dog three bones last week. 09. He got bad mark in the test and he didnt even . 10. John is so tall he can nearly touch the . 11. get on well with all my . 12. the table with facts from the text. 13. She is and loves making things with her hands. 14. My little sister is. She wants to know everything. 15. from other countries sometimes seem strange. 16. This exercise is very. 17. would love to do an in Canada. 18. you to go out until you have done more housework. 19. is someone from different country. 20. My grandmother is 91 and still takes care of. 21. The food in our canteen sometimes. 22. Our was friendly and helpful. 23. Her brothers of Spanish is quite good. 24. is good for your health. 25. Some kids her because shes poor. 26. have an open and enjoy exploring new ideas. 27. Theres table of on page 160. 28. have finished my French homework – hurray 29. She fell asleep as soon as her head touched the. 30. Frank was very that he passed his driving test. 31. Have you the computer in? 32. The book was good, but wont read it again. 33. He learnt to bicycle when he was very young. 34. You should serve tea in cup and . 35. The exercise is actually easier than it at first. 36. arent allowed in the classroom. 37. What are your about the project? 38. am having some with this exercies. 39. have the same as my parents. 40. My cold isnt getting better. feel than yesterday. 41. are an important topic in American history. 42. There is door that the two rooms. 43. Theres no food really . 44. An exchange year in America can be great . 45. The said ‚Film star marries singer‘. 46. Which one do you best? 47. There are dishes on the menu as well as meet. 48. My brother has just made with his band. 49. Old people often tell the young to show. 50. Our new in our music lesson is film soundtracks. 51. She is going to him on his worldtrip. 52. My is to go travelling before get job. 53. Pay to what Im saying, please. 54. His is bad but the parents dont care. 55. In Japan it is polite to when you meet someone. 56. There is always somewhere in the world. 57. ‚And‘, ‚but‘ and ‚because‘ are all . 58. Show some and listen to each other, please! 59. That one is my favorite. 60. The workers are in with their boss. 61. You can answer question 1 question 2. 62. love music and like rock ‘n roll. 63. Some schools still teach . 64. very in my new class. 65. My parents and let me stay out unil 2 a.m. 66. If you me, Im sure Ill feel better. 67. will get in touch with you . 68. May you to my colleague, Mr. Johnson 69. Would you like to our group? 70. Can you a pencil, please? 71. Dont drop in the street. 72. Parents should teach their childern. 73. speak Spanish Italian. 74. am still in touch with my after 20 Jahren. 75. You should write useful in your notebook. 76. Students and teacher should be to each other. 77. at work is very important. 78. There is of rain tomorow. 79. will come and visit you soon. 80. You can take it back to the shop if you have the . 81. In his job my father is for team of 15. 82. She is in difficult. 83. Have you got the to number 9, please? 84. dont quite understand the. Can you explain it? 85. to the president there is no problem. 86. The weather is really today. 87. Do you if sit here?