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present tense, some/any, objective adjectives, possessive pronouns, word order ( Units 6&7 snapshot starter)
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Snapshot starter Unit 6 and 7 Name: date:_ points/mark:_ Parents signature: Present simple Fill in the correct form. Do bones stop growing? (stop) a. How much water the brain ?(contain) b. you hair on your tongue? (have) c. How many square metres an adults skin (cover) d. hair faster in hot weather? (grow) e. How long the heart to pump blood around the body? (take f. muscles or push? (pull) g. Which vitamin the liver ? (produce) h. How many times day you in and out? (breathe) 8 Fill in the correct from (/-) a. The plane leaves in half an hour but Nick (not/be) at the airport yet. b. My best friend (love) science fiction films but they (not/interest) me. c. (not/study) chemistry because it (be) difficult. d. (not/dance) because (look) stupid. e. The sun (not/go) round the Earth, the Earth (go) round the sun! 1 f. My new computer (do) lots more things than my old one, and it (not/crash) g. My dad (not/have) any qualifications but he (have) really good job. h. Fire (need) oxygen to burn. It (not/burn) without oxygen. i. My teacher (not/own) mobile phone because some people think they (be) bad for your health. j. According to scientists, animals (live) longer if they (not/eat) too much. 16 Pronouns 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 12 Pronouns: Replace the underlined nouns with suitable pronoun. 14 3 Nora brings Sam letter. – She brings him letter. 1 Tony brings Susan drink. brings drink. 2 Sally and Sandra bring Fred sandwich. bring sandwich. 3 Billy and Joe bring Tina and Olivia cake. bring cake. 4 Frank buys present for Sue. buys for 5 Jerry and Charles like the job. like 6 Jack and tell grandfather story. tell story. 7 Tony and Joan invite Jill and Jim to party. 8 Alec and his sister show their brother book. show book. 9 My mother gives my friend and me cake. gives cake. 10 invite to party. Paul throws the ball at the window. throws at the window. 11 Anne asks Nancy for her red shoes. asks for 12 Jim keeps the newspaper for his father. keeps for 13 Eddie is running to the station very fast. is running to very fast. 14 The children visit their uncle in Brighton. visit in Brighton. Vocabulary 4 in Ruhe lassen Spitzname schrecklich Geiger Sammlung grossartig ziemlich darauf ankommen Translation 4 8 a. Manchmal hasse ich ihn wirklich. b. Kannst du mich morgen anrufen? c. Ich mag Musik überhaupt nicht. d. Ich glaube, Popmusik ist dummes Zeug. e. Wir wollen dich hier nicht. f. Mit Vergnügen! g. Jedenfalls mag ich keine laute Musik. h. Du hast Glück! Any, some Complete the sentence with a, an, some or any. havent got any money. 1. Jack hasnt got sister and he hasnt got brothers either. 2. He wanted to use the computer to see e-mails he was expecting. 3. need to buy toothpaste before go on holiday. 4. dont normally have lunch except for sandwich. 5. You dont need to take food on the trip. 5 6. Youve got great films in your DVD collection. 7. We went skiing this weekend but there wasnt snow. 8. found insect in my salad so we left the restaurant. 9. Id like bread please. Gerund ‘s 8 Rewrite these sentences using the gerund ‘s. The name of my mother is Heidi. My mothers name is Heidi. Is swimming the hobby of your brother? The favourite food of Peter is pizza. These are the classrooms of the pupils. The friend of my aunt is nice. When is the birthday of your sisters? What are the names of your friends? The job of my father is interesting. The car of my brother is green. Word order: Which sentence is correct? Make cross. 6 In the street we can see an elephant. In the street can we see an elephant. We can see an elephant in the street. An elephant can we see in the street. The Browns always have dinner at six oclock in the evening. Always have the Browns dinner at six oclock in the evening. The Browns have dinner always at six oclock in the evening. At six oclock have dinner the Browns always in the evening. test is Peter just writing in his classroom. 6 Peter is writing just test in his classroom. Peter is just writing in his classroom test. Peter is just writing test in his classroom. In the supermarket Mother buys bread and milk in the morning. Mother buys bread and milk in the supermarket in the morning. In the morning buys Mother in the supermarket bread and milk. Mother buys in the morning bread and milk in the supermarket. Tony watches television sometimes in the living-room. Sometimes Tony watches in the living-room television. Tony watches sometimes television in the living-room. Tony sometimes watches television in the living-room. Mary often helps in the kitchen on Sundays. Mary often helps on Sundays in the kitchen. On Sundays helps Mary often in the kitchen. In the kitchen Mary often helps on Sundays. Bob usually plays football at the weekend in the park. At the weekend plays Bob usually football in the park. Bob usually plays football in the park at the weekend. In the park Bob plays usually football at the weekend. 7