Arbeitsblatt: REVISION UNIT 3 OW1


Einige Übungen um zu repetieren vor dem Schlusstest
7. Schuljahr
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Sabine Burkhardt
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Open World Unit 3 – revision! CONTINUOUS? a) b) c) d) PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT have/Im having shower every morning. Look! Its raining/It rains. We cant go to the beach. What are you doing/do you do tonight? Im trying/I try to find my pen. Put the verb in the present simple or in the present continuous. a) Listen! Somebody (sing). b) Sandra is tired. (she/want) to go home now. c) Its late. (I/go) home now. d) Martin (not/usually/drive) to work. e) Excuse me but (you/sit) in my place. f) Juan from Barcelona. (come) g) Joseph at 6 p.m. tonight. h) Why you now? (laugh) i) She always nice clothes. (wear) j) Were late! you ? (come) Complete the sentences and use present continuous or present simple! a) rain. Oh no! It . We cant play tennis. It always lot in April. b) work Shes doctor. She in hospital. She hard because she has an exam tomorrow. c) do Why we boring exercises? Why we doing this exercise now? Open World Unit 3 – revision! FREQUENCY ADVERBS OF Add the adverbs into the sentences – at the correct place! 1. ask for his name. (often) 2. You ask him to ring you back. (never) 3. She goes to call box near Beaconsfield. (sometimes) 4. can tell Dawn and Alan to come tonight. (never) 5. There is something wrong with your car. (always) 6. Marion works in an office. (usually) 7. We will go to the British Museum. (sometimes) 8. You read an interesting book at school. (occasionally) 9. They take the children to playschool every day. (usually) 10. He is not here in the morning. (often) 11. This man is doing his shopping in London. (never) 12. You read the newspaper every day. (sometimes) 13. We sit in the grass and we read an interesting story. (often sometimes) 14. This table is reserved for chess players only. (usually) 15. Gary smokes cigarette und Lee drinks coke. (never often) 16. They listen to pop music and do their homework. (often always 17. You like eating lot of strawberries. (sometimes) 18. These tables are reserved. (never) 19. He reads magazine. (sometimes) 20. They go to the Youth Club every Saturday. (usually) 21. Lee must wait for Peter in the pub at the corner of the street. (often) 22. You finish your work and then you go shopping. (always sometimes) 23. She has got some fresh vegetables. (sometimes) 24. You can eat porridge and cornflakes for breakfast. (usually) Open World Unit 3 – revision! YES/NO Questions Write Do/Does. Write answers to the questions. EXAMPLE:Do your brothers like tennis?Yes, they do._ 1 Marisa like basketball? Yes 2 Sam and Ryan play football? No 3 your friends speak English? No 4 we have maths on Monday? Yes 5 Erik hate languages? Yes 6 you have eggs for breakfast? No 7 the school have volleyball team? No 8 you go to bed at 9 oclock? No 9 the English lesson start at 3 oclock? No Ask questions about the underlined words. John writes lot of letters. She walks home from school. The children rarely sit in the garden. Peter runs with his dog on Sundays. My rabbits have got cage in the garden. They go to work by bus. David likes cats because they are nice.