Arbeitsblatt: Prüfung Voices basic 2 Unit 2


Englisch-Prüfung für das Unit 2 von Voiles Basic 2.
8. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Carolyn Lutterbeck
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Voices basic 2 Unit 2 Name: Date:_ 1. Write what Tom has already done ( ), and what Tom hasnt done yet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2. Write sentences about what you have just done. Example: (touch your ear): have just touched my ear. a.) (look at the floor): b.) (think about your home): c.) (move your feet): d.) (put your hand on your head): 3. Write the missing words in the gap. Use my, your, our, etc. or mine, yours, ours, etc. a. I think its book. Yes, Im sure its m_. b.) Is this really phone? Are you sure its? c.) Its Dianas phone. know its h_! Look, its got h_ name on it! d.) We cant find o_ papers. These arent o_. They belong to other pupils. We should give them to t_ teacher. e. Wheres m_ homework? Toms got and Dianaa got h, but wheres m_? f.) The difference between m_ room and parents room is that is small and t is big! 4. Write these words into the gaps: beach bin colourful fascinated rubbish surfing That was fantastic holiday! As you know, Im by the sea. Ill never forget the whit sandy . There were lot of people there having picnics. saw some oft hem left their on the beach. cant understand it. You shouldnt do that! You should put it in or take it home with you. We went swimming in the sea every day. saw lot of fish. took lots of photos of people Id like to do that myself one day! GOOD LUCK!!