Arbeitsblatt: Possessive Pronouns Exercises


Übung anwender der Pronomen in Sätzen. Lückentext. Paat zu YW3 unit 4
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EN YW 3 unit 4 Possessive Pronouns Name: Fill in the gaps. Use my her hör), its mei), your its), our jur), his( auer), your his), jur), their där). 1. Whats the boys name? name is Ben Scott. 2. Debbie has got dog. dog is very lively. 3. The dog is very lively. name is Ben. 4. We are at school. school is very nice. 5. have got new laptop. laptop is white. 6. Im from London. Most of friends are from Chester, too. 7. The Tenners have got restaurant. restaurant is great. 8. The rabbit is white. cage is in the garden. 9. You are not English. name is not an English name. 10. Sandra and Jenny are friends. school is in Chester. 11. The Scotts have got new car. car is blue. 12. Emma Peel has got brother. name is Paul. 13. Nick Baker has got sister. name is Debbie. 14. Yes, we have got dog. dog is very old. 15. The Snows have got tortoise. name is Trundle. 16. Ann likes teacher at school. 17. Is this Peters book? No, book is in the schoolbag. 18. Mary, is this your bike? No, bike is behind the house. 19. The hamster is in house. 20. We go to school. school is nice. 21. Peter helps little brother. 22. Children, where are homeexercise books? 23. The boys play with football. 24. Tommy, give me back pencil. 25. Sylvie writes homework. 26. Paul and Cathy eat sandwiches. 27. My sister and go to grandmother. 28. The monkey eats bananas. 29. The monkeys eat bananas. 30. Tom and like spaghetti. It is favourite food. Quelle: English4U