Arbeitsblatt: Crossword Unit 4


Kreuzworträtsel zu "through a telescope" im Open World 1, Unit 4
7. Schuljahr
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Nicole Schmid
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Across 5. someone in the same class as you 6. not easy 9. if you feel superiour to someone, you feel better 11. another word for suddenly, quickly 15. the family you live with when youre away from home 17. bad word, curse word 18. if you are not interested in something 19. in your bed, you have sheet and . for your head 21. more than bad 22. put something in the ear 23. another word for get (doesnt mean bekommen!) 26. little, some 27. when something doesnt matter, you say: dont . 30. finish, fill the gaps 32. top of room 33. under cup 34. pretty, really, absolutely 35. Wert, Bedeutung 37. problem 38. not allowed, not okay, you mustnt do this Down 1. if you can speak language, you have of it 2. sich selbst (sie) 3. someone who wants to know everything is . 4. someone from another country than you 5. behaviour, culture 7. when you think, you have 8. Geist, Verstand 10. almost 12. can, must, may, shall are . 13. what you do with your bicycle 14. awful, terrible, bad 16. say sorry for something 20. scheinen 22. happy 24. someone with creativity 25. smile, but loud 28. go to another country for while to learn there 29. when someone is dead, you do this with the body 31. with noise, read text so that the others can hear it 36. if you can do something, you have the to do it