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YOUNG WORLD 4: VOCABULARY UNIT 2 migrate The birds migrate to warmer climate. emigrate He emigrated to the United States when he was 18. immigrate My mother immigrated to Switzerland when she was girl. distance How long is the distance from your school to your house? breeding Turtles leave the water for breeding. give birth to dog gives birth to 1 to 12 young. how far How far can butterfly fly? island An island is surrounded by water. size The size of whale is between 13 and 15 meters. weight The weight of whale is up to 33 tons. have to They have to wear jacket. journey Its long journey to London. as . as This butterfly is as big as my hand. than The green turtle swims faster than the grey whale. speed My average speed is 60km/hour. clean wear clean, white shirt. pass exams would be very happy if passed the exams. pay attention need to pay attention crossing the street. wash the dishes Wash the dishes, please! American My uncle is American, he lives in the USA. relatives On Christmas, usually all our relatives come together. goat Goats can be black or white. called We landed in city called Zurich. weekend The weekend is at the end of the week. hole have hole in my sock. pond Ducks are swimming on the pond. to travel by Many pupils travel to school by bike. destination What is your perfect holiday destination?